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5 Ways to Use Stock Video for Your Business

You already understand the value of consistent and arresting visuals. Your site, feed, and marketing materials look excellent whether you utilize branded images from a recent photoshoot or images from our libraries of stylish stock photographs.

However, there is a lot of discussion online about how video is growing more and more popular as well as how Instagram prioritizes video. You might not always have the time or resources to create films, especially if you're just starting out or trying to expand your firm. Additionally, your video may not exactly be "expert."

You're in luck if you're wondering how on earth you'll include video into your company's marketing plan. We now provide stock video to members of Lifetime Stock Video.

How can you use inventory video to raise your attain and engagement? Read on.

First: What’s Lifetime Stock Video?
Stock video is fairly a lot like inventory pictures — they’re styled and shot through professionals. Stock video can on occasion be a bit “cheesy,” simply like different inventory pictures you would possibly discover on public sites. But appropriate inventory video will share various backgrounds, people, and activities.

Stock video is additionally pretty short, with about 10-15 seconds of video.

Next up, let’s discuss about how to use inventory video, and how to overcome your issues that “it’s no longer you” on the video.

How to use inventory video well
If you’re concerned about the use of inventory video, don’t. We’ve obtained four exquisite methods to use this new device to make your commercial enterprise stand out even greater online.

1. Your website
Did you recognize you have about 5 seconds earlier than humans lose pastime in your site? That potential that you want to make certain your reproduction grabs their attention, however it additionally helps to have a video or some thing that can seize their eye and maintain them on the page.

Use video as your website online header or simply above the fold can do simply that. Simply embed a inventory video into the header or as shut to the pinnacle as possible.

Of course, you’ll prefer to make certain that it robotically begins enjoying — and you can even set it to loop. Just preserve in mind: you don’t want to add music. Nobody loves it when one of their net tabs begins making noise and they can’t discern out how to give up it.

2. Your recorded video
If you create YouTube movies or report movies to add to IGTV or Facebook, you understand that every so often you prefer to have extra photos than simply you speakme at the camera. Of course, you’re now not a expert videographer, so “extra footage” is simply a bit too “extra” proper now.

The solution? B-roll inventory video. B-roll is in actuality simply extra video photos that’s blended in with the most important shot. For example, you can use B-roll that matches the topic, such as discussing the advantages of water with a video of any one pouring a glass of water.

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You can additionally use B-roll to simply have interaction humans and hold them watching. Most human beings begin to get distracted in simply a few seconds if some thing new isn’t introduced to them. That’s why inventory video as B-roll can be a big assist to your video advertising and marketing efforts.

3. Reels and TikTok
Want the attain that Reels and TikTok offer, however don’t favor to dance on digital camera each and every day, pointing at things? You can nonetheless create this type of short-form video content material the usage of inventory video. Find a video that aligns with your topic, or that induces the emotion you’re going for. Then you can upload that video to your Instagram or TikTok app and add text, trending audio, etc.

4. Video ads
Do you choose to develop your attain to new audiences? Facebook and Instagram advertisements can be tremendously effective. And whilst we’re no longer precisely advert experts, we do comprehend that motion is the quality way to capture someone’s eye in the feed as they scroll. Stock video is a remarkable way to differentiate your advertisements from others whilst additionally complying with Facebook’s advert restrictions. Since they don’t have audio, you don’t have to fear about flagged words or phrases and you can pair permitted audio (or use NO audio) with the video.

Simply select a inventory video that suits the content material or tone you’re going for — and that has sufficient action to seize the eye. You don’t prefer to use terrific slow-motion video due to the fact the entire factor is to give up the scroll!

5. Lifetime Stock Video

Lifetime Stock Video was first launched as a vast collection of 4K stock videos that are all maintained on a subscription website. Once you decide to buy the product, you will gain access to this club, enabling you to view full previews, select videos, and select categories or keywords.


Get inventory video and SO lots more
Now that you recognize how an awful lot inventory video can assist you stand out online, let’s discuss about how you can get get admission to to an ever-increasing library of it!

At Lifetime Stock Video, we’ve brought new bonus inventory movies as a advantage to our members. Just like with our inventory photos, Canva templates, and advertising resources, the entirety we create is designed to make it less complicated for you to develop your business. If you choose to add video to your website, social strategy, and more, our membership is right here for you!

Join Lifetime Stock Video these days and begin to stand out more, with videos, photos, and templates that make your existence easier.

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